Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inilah 50 Dalil UMNO , PERKASA dengan bantuan POLIS sokong KOTOR tolak BERSIH senarai 50 dalil kenapa rakyat perlu kena sokong KOTOR dan jangan sokong BERSIH . Polis pun bersekongkol dengan benda KOTOR ini, Pemuda UMPORNO apatah lagi, PERKASAM lagi kuat, MUFTI MELAYU HARUSSANI takut keluar fatwa benda KOTOR ni, MAHAGURU pun ada saham juga untuk persilatan KOTOR ini.

50 Dalils (reasons) why we MUST vote for BN KOTOR :

1. PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone) Scandal - more than RM12.5 billion incurred and counting
2. Useless & problematic Scorpene submarines - costing approximately RM7.6 billion
3. Commission for the undiveable Scorpene submarine - RM500 million halal comission, read MEGA CORRUPTION
4. Loss of Bumiputera equity - RM52 billion
5. Limbang offshore blocks L and M given to Brunei - worth RM320 billion
6. Bank Negara Forex loss - RM6 billion
7. Perwaja Steel Scandal - RM15 billion
8. 60,000 Approved Permits given to UMNO-linked cronies - worth RM2.4 billion every year
9. BMF Scandal (Carrian group) - RM4 billion..BMF manager was murdered
10. Double-tracking railway project from Ipoh to southern Thailand - RM12.5billion
11. Purchase of 6 EMU locomotives - irregularity at a cost of RM500 million
12. Maminco affair....cornering tin market/speculation cost us RM 2.5 Billions
13. Maltrade II land grab by Naza, costing taxpayers some RM 2.2 Billion
14. RM 6.75 billion to PSC Bhd for locally made naval vessels which were never delivered .
15. MAS shares - Tajuddin Affairs: Govt bought at $8 ringgit when market price was $3.5 ringgit. RM8 Billions taxpayers money lost
16. Halal Hub - RM 2 billion spent, nothing done, only RM 200 million left.
17. Armoured carriers -RM 8 billion .By industry standards, a good armoured car will only cost half a million. Mindef will spend RM 30 million each
18. RM 810 Million palace balloning to some RM 1.2 Billion, Selangor Hospital overrun by RM 100's of millions
19. School classrooms and computer labs - RM10 billion, direct nego. How much did the Government actually get?
21. Khir Toyo's Balinese palace - RM24 million
22. Menara Warisan or mega-tower - RM5 billion
23. Bail-out of GLCs and BN's crony-corporations - too massive and too many
24. Anwar's black-eye incident (beaten up by police while in prison)
25. Churning out acronyms, i.e. 1Malaysia,NEM, GTP, ETP, EPP, NKRA, NKEA, and TEM (Terrible Economic Management)
26. Prime Minister Najib Razak's aide Nasir Safar's statement: "Chinese came here to sell their bodies and Indians came to beg"
27. BiroTata Negara deputy director Hamim Husin's statement: Chinese are "si mata sepet" and Indians "si botol"
28. Missing jet engines.What a joke, Ain't you ashamed to be a Malaysian? .
29. Perak illegal and undemocratic power-grab in February 2009: Remember Perak, remember the Injustice!
30. Lingam-gate Scandal: Correct, correct, correct or Korek, korek, korek
31. Sodomy I and Sodomy II trials , Datuk T trio and the sex video
32. Stamping of Bibles: ' Bible smelly' said Hishammuddin and 'Christian-state' false news from Utusan and Umno bloggers
33. Perkasa, Pembela: Increasingly anarchist stance due to the lack of punishment by the authorities
34. Cow-head protests, vandalism at churches and mosques
35. 1 Malaysia email granted to 'broke' firm Tricubes Bhd (GN3 company).
36. Brand new Stadium roof collapse in Terengganu
37. Flip-flop of key education policy in the teaching of Maths and Science in English
38. Ibrahim Ali is Adolf Hitler alter-ego & mouthpiece of BN 1Malaysia
39. Water Rally (to demand that the government returns water rights to the rakyat)
40. Eye-on-Malaysia Ferris Wheel (white elephant in Melaka)
41. Bukit Merah-Papan rare earth tragedy in Perak (MItsubishi) and now Gebeng in Pahang (Lynas) & WTF 2 Nuclear plants !!!
42. Bakun Dam (destruction of environment, displaced peoples)
43. Female nude-squats - November 2005 and June 2011
44. Abuse of the New Economic Policy/Dasar Ekonomi Baru
45. Buying of votes in 10th Sarawak State Elections in April 2011. I help you, you help me ?
46. Wasted money spent on 1Million Youths Gathering - more than RM25 million - May 2011
47. Hike in Electricity Tariffs on June 1, 2011 and more upcoming hikes in sugar, diesel and petrol
48. Asian Petroleum Hub in Johor - RM1.4billion, now in receivership
49. Various Malaysian corridors started by Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi now empty, unutilised and vacant
50. Altantuya,while walking in KL picked up a stone which turned out to be C4 Xploding herself! ; Teoh Beng Hock, room too hot, opened window and accidentally fell out!; Kugan Ananthan (only 22, but the cops beat him until his kidneys failed), Aminul Rasyid (15-years old, but shot multiple times by cops), Ahmad Sarjani ( MACC victim) .


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Too much for the Rakyat to swollow this kind of scandle it evoporate the tax payer money out of no where and left the Rakyat dari susah kepada melarat beban yang akan di tanggong semakin berat.This is what so call Melayu Perentah Negeri melayu.Melayu makan Melayu.At the end of the day Rakyat eat shit

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memang kerja polis jaga keamanan bukan jaga umporno