Monday, July 2, 2012

TERSEBAR LAGI!!!Scandal Scorpene disiar oleh 'The China Post' Taiwan pula...

Walaupun Kerajaan Malaysia yang diterajui UMNO/BN cuba sedaya upaya untuk menggelapkan berita ini..

Setelah beberapa negara menyiarkan scandal yang mengaitkan nama Najib ini.. kali ini ianya disiarkan oleh The China Post pula..

The China Post ialah ahkbar berbahasa Inggeris yang pertama di Taiwan.. dalam portal on-line nya mereka telah menyiarkan kisah scandal ini yang dipetik dari AFP..

Ini artikelnya..

Sensational Malaysian submarine scandal resurfaces

KUALA LUMPUR -- A scandal linking Malaysia's leader, a young woman's murder and alleged kickbacks in a French submarine deal has resurfaced as a potential danger for the government as elections loom.

Even by the corruption-prone standards of Malaysia's long-ruling coalition, which since 2009 has been headed by Prime Minister Najib Razak, the Scorpene case is explosive.

It centers on allegations that French submarine maker DCNS paid commission of more than 114 million euros (US$142 million) to a purported shell company linked to Abdul Razak Baginda, a former close associate of Najib.

Malaysia's opposition claims the payments were kickbacks to top officials involved in a US$1.1 billion deal for Kuala Lumpur to buy two Scorpene-class attack submarines.

Abdul Razak's Mongolian mistress, who was said to have demanded a payoff for working as a languagetranslator in the deal, was shot dead and her body blown up with plastic explosives near the capital in 2006.

But the extraordinary affair sank off the radar in 2008 when a Malaysian court cleared Abdul Razak of abetting the murder, sparking an outcry and opposition allegations of a huge cover-up.

Calls for further investigation were not pursued at the time.

Now, though, the affair is back in the headlines with a vengeance after French judges, acting on a complaint by opposition-leaning Malaysian rights group Suaram, launched a new probe in April.

Since then Malaysia's online media has been aflutter with talk of new “evidence” that Suaram and its lawyers say has been turned up by the judges.

They include an allegation that a classified Malaysian defense ministry report on the country's naval needs was sold to French defense giant Thales, which part-owns DCNS, possibly to help land the contract, according to Suaram's lawyer Joseph Breham.

Najib was defense minister in 2002 when the Scorpenes were ordered.

Malaysia's current defense minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, told parliament on Tuesday that no confidential information was leaked or corruption involved in the submarine deal.

The China Post

Kenapa Najib tak mahu saman akhbar-akhbar ini agaknya kalau ini semua adalah fitnah?


Anonymous said...

Cerita fitnah pun diangkat oleh PAS. Kata memperjuangkan Agama Islam, tapi cerita fitnah yg ditabur mengenai Scorpene dijaja kehulu kehilir.

Anonymous said...

kau yg buat fitnah kerna mengatakan cerita itu fitnah.....cuba baca bebetul.......

Anonymous said...

baca bebetul la...eja satu2.....takan prasekolah x lepas ag kut...masih x leh baca