Thursday, May 31, 2012

TERKINI DARI SARAWAK!!! Penyampai radio Papa Orang Utan ditangkap Special Branch

Penyampai Radio Free Sarawak ditahan pagi ini di lapangan terbang antarabangsa Kota Kinabalu ketika cuba mengambil penerbangan domestik ke Miri.

Menurut stesen anti ketua menteri Sarawak yang berpangkalan di London itu, Peter John Jaban (kanan) - yang menggunakan nama Papa Orang Utan - "ditahan, diambil gambar dan difotokopi dokumennya sebelum diiring ke kapal terbang".

"Kami sedang menunggu maklumat kenapa beliau ditahan," kata stesen itu dalam kenyataannya hari ini.

Peter ketika ditahan sedang bercuti dan merancang pulang ke Sarawak bagi menemui anggota keluarga dan merayakan Hari Gawai.


Breaking news….

Radio Free Sarawak has now learnt that their DJ Peter John Jaban, known to listeners as Papa Orang Utan, was hijacked by unidentified plain clothes people, believed to be linked to Special Branch as he left the airport at Miri this morning.

Peter had been detained at Kota Kinabalu airport as he tried to return to Sarawak to celebrate Gawai with his family. He was then escorted to the airplaine and warned that he would be picked up by Special Branch at the other end.

Local PKR branch leader Michael Teo and a lawyer Alan Ling met him at the airport and said that they were able to take him away, despite a heavy police presence, because there were no specific instructions to arrest him.

However, on the way from the airport, on the road to Miri town their car was apparently stopped by another vehicle with three unidentified plain clothes men, who took Peter from the car.

We are assuming these men are associated with the authorities, but they illegally failed to give their identities to the lawyer.

“To say we are worried is an understatement” Clare Rewcastle Brown, Founder of Radio Free Sarawak, has said today. “We are desperately trying to find where Peter is and why he was pulled from a car without any proper reason by unidentified people. The lawyer Alan Ling will be lodging a police report immediately.

“Our immediate concern is that Peter is not hurt. We need immediate information as to his whereabouts and his lawyer should be allowed accesss to him immediately. We are also concerned that he is subject to high blood pressure and on medication and this health problem needs to be given proper attention. This stressful situation will be very bad for his condition.”

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