Monday, January 17, 2011

Juruterbang pun menganggur di Malaysia

500 juruterbang Malaysia menganggur, kata ekonomi baik

Kata ekonomi Malaysia baik, pulih, bagus, harga getah naik. TAPI, macamana terdapat 500 graduan juruterbang atau pilot yang sedang menganggur sekarang ini. Bukan sehari dua dah menganggur, tapi dah setahun ke dua tahun mengganggur.

Berapa ramai antara juruterbang menganggur ini orang Melayu? Adakah mereka perlu membayar pinjaman semasa belajar jadi pilot? Tak pe, boleh jadi juruterbang pokok getah agaknya. HIDUP RAKYAT !Amkns

The Star Tuesday January 18, 2011
Graduate pilots hit hard by job shortage

ABOUT 500 pilots earned their wings and aimed for the sky – only to see their dreams come crashing. The reality is that there are few openings and the job shortage has hit them hard.

Most of these pilots, who graduated from the eight flying schools in the country, have been without a job for between one and two years.

Other developments:

While the schools produced between 300 and 400 pilots annually in the last five years, their total intake for a year can reach up to 800.

The biggest airline operator – Malaysia Airlines — only takes in about 100 pilots or so and its priority is its own trainee pilots.

The problem of surplus pilots will be further compounded when more join the group this year.

Don’t be idle, take courses to keep flying skills intact, Department of Civil Aviation flight operations director Capt Datuk Yahaya Abdul Rahman tells fresh pilots.

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